HUN Corp.
2016.01.02 00:48:28
[–]blazigenNulli Secunda 8 pontok9 pontok10 pontok 3 órája (0 gyerekek)

Shonion. R.I.P. my nulli and hun Brother. FGC/ FGA I expect a invite to a memorial fleet. I think all hun and nulli brothers want it.
HUN Corp.
2016.01.02 00:50:06
[–]CSMprogodlegendCSM 8/9 72 pontok73 pontok74 pontok 3 órája* (11 gyerekek)

Trying to confirm this now, damn this would really really suck. Shonion is one of the best most kind people I know, in or out of EVE.

Edit: Fuck this really really sucks. Shonion was an amazing person. I literally don't have any other words at the moment.
HUN Corp.
2016.01.02 13:22:50

Fly safe Shoni!
2016.01.03 16:00:44
Requiescat in pace Shoni! o7
2016.05.31 21:52:46
Fly safe! Találkozunk az örök 0.0-ban. o7
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